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Dear Friends & Family,

We are now days away from the municipal election! So many of you have asked how you can help- THANK YOU!


I've outlined ways you can boost the campaign in these last moments.  It's important to note this page is hidden on the website and FOR YOUR EYES ONLY... well, and anyone else that we know is a close supporter and wants to help. Otherwise, please consider this plan confidential and don't share this on social media.

If you have any questions at anytime, please don't hesistate to call / text me.



Here's the link to the google sheet of registered voters.  Please review and sign up for those you can be responsible for personally calling or texting and asking them to vote for me.


That needs to happen by 9am on Tuesday, please.


If appropriate, please wear your shirt, hat and/or sticker either Monday or Tuesday.You are allowed to wear your shirt or sticker to the poll as long as you are not a poll worker, you aren't passing out information or actively campaigning. If you need more gear, let me know!


Polls open at 7am.  Even if you are not in my district, please go vote as early as possible so you can wear your "I voted" sticker and also be seen as  much as possible Tuesday- going inside to pick up lunch, running errands, work, etc.  Ask anyone and everyone if they have voted yet. Polls close at 7pm.  



We will be set up near the entrance of the Activities Bldg parking lot with signs and waving and just trying to drum up excitement. Let me know if you are available to hold a sign and wave to passerbys at anytime Tuesday.



We can plan all we want, but we know the One that is in total control.  Please pray specifically for:

1- Good weather (which directly related to voter turnout)

2- No logistical or ethical issues at the polls withpoll workers, provisional ballots, equipment, etc.

3- For our God to lead His people to vote with conviction and discernment.

4- That God would protect my family from further personal and/or spiritual attacks and Satan's distractions.

5- For my opponent and his family. Yes, I'm serious. This process is physically, mentally, emotionally and financially draining and we've both given alot of effort and sacrifice. I pray for his salvation. I pray I can bestow grace and mercy upon him and his supporters as Jesus' freely has given me. I pray I can love him as my neighbor and see him as Jesus does. 

6- That God's will be done. That he would prepare my heart, head and mouth for whatever I may encounter and the ultimate outcome. That no matter the votes I would display humility and grace and gratitude in all that I say and do. That no matter what, I count it all joy.

7- AND... a praise of thanksgiving for so many that have worked, encouraged, supported and made themselves available. It's crazy humbling how generous you have been and I am so thankful that God has allowed me he best friends and family.  

I truly do thank my God everytime I remember you.  



Like, Share, Comment & Invite

If you haven't already, make sure you like the facebook page. It's the best source of advertising I have in these days. The more you engage, the more my audience will grow. It typically takes one to get the discussion going.  When you go here- make sure the page is "Liked" and then you click on the three dots to the right to invite friends. 


Change your Cover

I've designed some images that are just the right size to temporarily change your facebook cover image. Click here for easy instructions on how to change your cover image. Download or save photos by clicking on the images.


Add A Frame

Click on your facebook profile picture to "update profile picture" and then click "Add frame" 


You can find the frame by typing in Baker Campaign in the search bar.


Post your #StickingwithStephanie

Make your own original post by taking a picture with the #StickingwithStephanie poster OR a pic wearing the t-shirt, etc.  You can always still an image from the campaign facebook page but the more personal it is, the more effective it will be.

"I'm #StickingwithStephanie because.... "

This is an opportunity to share your something you personally value and how you think I fit that.


examples: she supports small business, she is conservative, she will return my call, etc. etc. I don't want to give you the words- whatever your reason may be, just be truthful and personal!  


Post about voting

Vote early and tell everyone else you voted for Stephanie and bonus points if you take a picture- your "I voted sticker" or whatever image you capture. Note: you cannot take a picture of the ballot or anything else inside the polling place.

Post on your own platform but also remember relevant neighborhood, family, work, church, etc. groups on facebook or other apps, group texts, etc.

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 1.26.31 AM.png
Baker City Council VOTE fb cover-13-22.p
Baker City Council_fbcover-22.png
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