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Experience Matters

It's typical that the incumbent talks about experience. Certainly, experience matters for any job you are interviewing for. I think it's important for voters to understand that my experience in leadership, economic development, project management, team organizaton and communications didn't simply begin when I took office almost 4 years ago.

No, it was my path of all of those things already in place that led me to City Hall.

Leadership was something that I began to develop in high school, having many mentors along the way that saw something in me that took me awhile to see for myself.

Service is something I believe you are innately called to do- either by living out our faith in acts of service or perhaps just wanting to meet needs in an effort to make the world a little better.

From the moment I returned to Troy 17 years ago, I found a way to get involved. I've worked alongside our community on projects that created change that we enjoy today- from fundraisers to festivals, I've always stayed busy volunteering.

I've outlined some highlights that are relative to the qualifications and strengths of my candidacy to the Troy City Council.

What does my "real job" have to do with my council position? Industry perspective. Public / private partnerships. Policy work. Understanding how to work with decision makers and then translating that to the citizen or customer. Because we rely so heavily on our local industry base to support our local economy, keep utility costs low and engage in workforce development- doesn't it make sense to elect someone that understands the role industry plays in our community from within?

My career experience has given me a national reputation for dedicated effort, communicating well and leveraging resources to create policy on the local, state and national levels. The awards and accolades aren't something I am always comfortable sharing because I've never had self-serving motivations.

I have relied on the work I've already accomplished to speak for itself. I've never found my identity in a lengthy resume and a wall of framed awards and certificates.

I don't share this to brag, but for some people the resume is important. For some voters, they need to measure the qualifications for themselves to determine who is best equipped for the position.

This isn't about what I've done- it's about what I've learned, the relationships I have and the resources I bring to our community.

I was a leader and a community servant long before being a public servant.

Always have. Always will be.

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