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Making History. Making our Future.

Dear District 4, we made history last night! We had a historic voter turnout (935 ballots cast at the box) and the largest number of votes given to any city council candidate (618 total) in the first city council race for District 4 in the city's history. I am completely humbled and honored by your overwhelming vote of confidence.

I'm posting a picture our oldest daughter asked me to take with her shortly after announcing our victory last night. She hugged me and said "Congratulations, mom. I'm so proud of you!"

Of all the congrats I have received (and wow-there has been a lot- thank you and I'm sorry if I haven't responded yet!), my 14 yr old daughter's may have been the sweetest.

She's watched and she's waited.

We try to teach our children to choose kindness and choose joy in every situation. That just because we could doesn't mean we should. That if we identify with Christ, we are held to a higher standard and that doesn't mean only on Sundays or only when people are looking. Sometimes- most times- that's easier said than done.

This campaign wasn't just about winning. It was about winning with grace, integrity, class and professionalism. It was about respecting my community enough to give them my best (and safest) effort while staying focused on the positive and not creating division along the way.

I will strive everyday to lead and serve our city in the same manner I ran my campaign. I recognize that I'm accountable to not only the voters, but to our younger generations as well.

Thank you, District 4, for showing up and proving that your voice does matter and every vote counts. Thank you for #StickingwithStephanie.

Together we made history. Now it's time to make our future.

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