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Thank You.

Wow! It has been less than one week since I announced my candidacy and launched the #StephanieforCityCouncil campaign. Less than one week and I have been totally overwhelmed with the immediate response.

700+ facebook page likes, 200 yard signs, dozens of visits to the website and offers to volunteer, the continuous stream of emails and texts and messages . . . Thank you.

I am grateful and encouraged more than I even know how to express.

Your words of encouragement have both humbled and energized me! The interaction and excitement you've generated on social media has been seriously amazing. Thank you.

I know I can't count each facebook click as a vote in the ballot box, but I want you to know that I do count each one as a vote of confidence.

I've enjoyed the conversations, the ideas you have shared, and the concerns we have discussed. I look forward to sharing more details in the months to come about my values, and my vision for both progressing and preserving this city we love.

August 23 seems so far away. And when you consider the calendar ahead filled with holidays, graduations and vacations.... it kinda is.

I know the buzz will soon simmer and the signs will start to fade, but your kind acts of endorsement and willingness to show your support so early will continue to encourage me in the long days to come.

So once again, I thank you. Such simple words and yet nothing else seems to be more appropriate or honest.

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